Tourist pedestrian signage

The objective of the pedestrian signage is to welcome tourists in a trendy fashion and provide clear and unambiguous signage to places of interest.   

Many attractions are within walking distance in Kortrijk, which offers a great advantage, but sometimes places of interest are hidden or are difficult to find. Therefore the city centre will be divided into 5 districts:


1. Historic centre

2. Buda Island

3. Shopping area

4. Leie riverbanks

5. Music and theatre district


Each district has its own colour and symbol. This is how the posts look:


The top of the post will feature the colour, name and symbol of the district in which you are located.

Underneath you will see arrows that direct you to a different district. The arrows depict the colour, name and symbol of the district they direct you too. They will also indicate the average number of minutes needed to walk to that particular district.

Underneath you will see the arrows that direct you to the places of interest in the district in which you are located.

The Grote Markt and Tourism Kortrijk appear on each post.

Major places of interest will also have an information board providing more details about the building or function.

The plan shows the different districts with their corresponding colours. See also the list of marqued points of interest.