Sweet and fresh

Fancy a refreshing sweet stop? Then, of course, you are in for a delicious artisanal ice cream. Kortrijk now has some fine addresses where you can set your sights.

Do not hesitate to try something else. For example, there is the hype Bubble Tea that blew over from Asia. The slush puppy is familiar from theme parks. And frozen yoghurt is the healthier version of ice cream.


Aroy’s Cereals & Bubble tea

Here you can try the Bubble tea. This is a refreshing drink based on jasmine, earl grey tea or tea with milk and with different fruit flavours with toppings such as tapioca balls and jellies.


Location: Steenpoort 22a (in the shopping area, extension of Lange Steenstraat)

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Beugnies les Chocolats

Fresh strawberries with a chocolate layer from master chocolatier Nicolas Beugnies and special ice cream flavours. Enjoy them on the spacious terrace, near the Leie and nature reserve 't Schrijverke.


Location: Aardweg 8 in Marke

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The ice cream in the recent Crèmeux shop is made by hand every day in the studio at the back of the shop. Fresh ingredients form the basis of each type of ice cream, and no colourings or flavourings are used. You will find the shop with terrace in a cosy part of the shopping area, the Voorstraat.


Location: Voorstraat 45

crèmeux (cremeux.be)


For years, this ice cream parlour has been a regular meeting point for many Kortrijk residents who want to grab a quick ice cream after school, work or while shopping. The long queue of people waiting is quickly served with delicious fresh ice cream, frozen yoghurt and waffles with a choice of the most varied toppings.


Location: Lange Steenstraat 23c

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La Cabane

La Cabane enjoys a prime location by the water, close to the new city park of Buda. You can go there for ice cream, refreshing drinks such as fresh lemonades and cocktails. If you are hungry, this is also the place to be because recently, in a casual atmosphere, they have started serving tasty snacks such as tapas, hot dogs and hot bagels.


Location: Reepkaai

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Lucardi has a deli with home made chocolates, ice cream and candy cakes and now also an ice cream garden where you can enjoy a drink and fresh ice cream.


Location: Bozestraat 17, Heule

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Enjoying our ice cream garden(lucardiheule.be)

Wafel Atelier

Where the mobile forest is now temporarily planted in the shopping area, you can take a breather on the terrace with an artisanal waffle, pancake, ice cream and tasty friscoes. 


Location: Grote Kring 7

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