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The 'Holder-de-Bolder tour' is a game played in the city with gallons of fun, and introduces children to several historical sites of interest in Kortrijk. It can be organised during the week as well as at weekends, but not on Monday. 

You must reserve at least 8 days in advance and will then receive the accompanying documentation to prepare for the tour. At the start, you receive a practical route description.

This activity is available in Dutch.

Price: EUR 20 rental fee per cart and EUR 25 deposit. On presentation of your train ticket you benefit from a EUR 5 discount.

Info: Kortrijk 1302, Béguinage Park | +32(0)56 27 78 40 | | Kortrijk1302

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In Kortrijk 1302 the approach is also incredibly child-friendly. Traces of the past, chain mail and goedendags (spiked staffs) hold the attention of the student knights and princesses. Henceforth they will be experts in the Middle Ages.

At Texture children become acquainted with the wondrous world of flax. Staf Stekel lives at the museum and gets up to all kinds of antics. He’ll be there waiting for the children.

This activity is available in Dutch.

More information: Kortrijk 1302        




De Warande is a large domain where you can walk and play and provides different play areas suitable for various age groups. There is an adventure play area and a toddler playground. Families with children are welcome as well as groups. During school holidays the holiday playgroups make extensive use of the domain. It is open every day and access is free.

Info: De Warande | Heirweg 132 | +32(0)56 27 73 70 | | warande


Open: from dawn to dusk 

Tip: If you want to bring a group of children then it is best to reserve in advance.

Suggestion: If you reserve in advance you can make use of a brand new public barbecue free of charge (from 1 May to 30 September).




A fun, crazy, thrilling and attractive indoor amusement park. It offers some great, spectacular attractions and you can even celebrate your birthday here.

More infoWoopahoo | Engelse Wandeling 2K-1K | +32(0)56 35 05 50 | | woopahoo





At De Bokes over thirty traditional games have been afforded an original look. With your own game and scorecard you can maintain the tension right up to the very last game. De Hond in 't Kegelspel is run by people with mental health issues and people with an intellectual disability. It offers them the opportunity to fully integrate into the community. 

Info: De Bokes | Plein 33 | +32(0)56 44 04 20 | | debokes 

Open: Tuesday to Friday inclusive: 11.30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday: 2 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. Closed Sunday and Monday.