Broel Towers

The Broel Towers

The towers (Broeltorens) are constructed from limestone and sandstone. The southern 'Speytorre' was constructed in 1385 to control traffic on the Leie. The tower was also part of the fortifications of the Counts of Flanders' first castle in Kortrijk. The northerly 'Inghelburghtorre', dating back to 1415, served as a weapons depot and was equipped for the use of artillery. The Broel bridge originally dates back to 1385. It has been destroyed and rebuilt several times.

The banks  will bring you very near the water's edge , so much so that sitting on one of the lovely terraces , you will almost be able to dip your toes into the water.

Open: Visits inside the Broel Towers are only permitted in the company of a guide. 

Did you know that: 'broel' refers to 'bruul', which means a generally marshy or fallow piece of land?