The Goedendag cycling route

The Goedendag cycling route takes you alongside the Leie, downstream to Kuurne. From there you cycle to the De Gavers provincial domain, and you return to Kortrijk via Stasegem and the Canal Bossuit-Kortrijk. You cycle along the outskirts of Zwevegem to Bellegem, Rollegem and the border with Mouscron. The route also passes Aalbeke and Marke. In Bissegem you rejoin the Leie.

This cycling route is only available in Dutch.

Fietsroute Marcel Kint

The 'Marcel Kint' cycling route is 30 km long and stretches between Zwevegem and Kortrijk. It allows you to enjoy the gently rolling landscape in Zwevegem and the newly constructed Leie riverbanks in Kortrijk. The route literally and physically connects you with the history of Marcel Kint, as the 'Flandrien van Zwevegem' and the Kortrijk bicycle builder. Immerse yourself in Marcel Kint's story and imagine just for a moment that you too are a cycle racer. But most of all enjoy this highly accessible cycling route.

This cycling route is only available in Dutch.

The West Flanders cycling network

s of 28 March 2016, you can explore the renewed cycling network in West Flanders. It provides endless cycling pleasure, comprising a cycling network of 3,180 km and 1,045 cycling nodes. The new cycling network offers even more cycling options and is safer and more appealing.

The network currently provides 3,180 km of cycling pleasure with 600 km of extra routes. There are 405 additional cycling nodes, good for a total of 1,045 nodes.

The cycling nodes have been renumbered and 20,000 new signs have been installed. 2,900 poles have been fitted with a QR code that provides cyclists with all the information they could possibly need along the way.

Price: EUR 8 per map or EUR 25 for four regional maps. Also available from Westtoer's online store 

Bike rental

Bike Centre Mobiel

Bike Centre Mobiel is a bike rental centre where you can rent the ideal bike for any occasion.

Opening hours:

  • Weekdays: 7 a.m. to 6.50 p.m.
  • Saturday: 10 a.m. to 5.50 p.m.
  • Closed Sunday and bank holidays
  • Groups are welcome by appointment


Min. P. Tacklaan 57 | +32(0)56 24 99 10 |


Tourism Kortrijk

Tourism Kortrijk also has bikes for rent, three adult women's bikes and two men's bikes. You can rent the bikes for a half day or a full day but only during Tourism Kortrijk's opening hours. The bikes must be returned the same day, 15 minutes before closing time. Make sure you have your ID card handy so a copy can be made.

Bike rental from Tourism Kortrijk costs:

  • EUR 9,50 per bike for a half day
  • EUR 12,5 per bike for a full day
  • EUR 25 cash deposit per bike, which is reimbursed after the bike has been inspected


Begijnhofpark (Houtmarkt) |+32(0)56 27 78 40 |


Blue Bike

Kortrijk station is part of a network that offers shared Blue Bike rental to subscribers. Customers subscribe in advance via the Blue Bike website. They collect their bike from a bike point using a personal card, where the card and the bike is scanned. They can do so manually at the bike point during opening hours (weekdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.) or 24/24 at an automatic key distributor. The bike is returned to the station and payment is made by direct debit, credit card or bank transfer at the end of the month. A bike is rented per day and costs less than a journey with a traditional rental bike.


+32(0)56 24 99 10 |


Bike points 

Bike Centre Mobiel VZW manages the Bike point at the station in Kortrijk. This means that the bike racks at Kortrijk station (for the moment only the guarded bike rack) are subject to frequent checks and maintenance, that bikes can be rented in the vicinity of the station and that commuter cyclists that break down can be quickly helped on their way. The plan is to also establish bike points at other locations.

A bike point is not the same as a 'bike drive-in point'. The latter also provides facilities for parking your car and joining the cycle node network on your bike. Several 'bike drive-in points' also provide information boards. You can find this information on the different cycling routes.

More info: Bike point Kortrijk and Bike Centre Mobiel | +32(0)56 24 99 10 |