Thursday evening walks in September

GidsenPlus is an association of enthusiastic guides, storytellers and regional explorers. They love to share their passion for their city and the Leie region, drawing from our rich history and bustling current events with an open eye to the future.

In September, they offer a beautiful range of guided Thursday evening walks. The themes are very varied and some walks are newcomers.


The walks take about 2 hours and always start at 18.30 or 19.00 and it costs only €5 per person per walk to participate. You can book in advance to be sure of a place or just be there a bit earlier than the specified time at the starting point. You pay the guide on the spot anyway.


Discover the city and all its facets and book your place for a fun Thursday evening now. 

For more info and reservations:

Thursday 22 September - Kortrijk's cultural temples

Take a dive into the many and sometimes strange forms in which culture manifests itself in Kortrijk. From pastry culture to contemporary art labs, from the Stadsschouwburg to the very young Hip Hop Academy De Stroate. From old cinemas to radio pioneers to Kortrijk, candidate Cultural Capital of Europe 2030: this trip brings you along lost, active and future culture temples in our city.


Starting at 18.30h at Belfort

Thursday 29 September - Kortrijk lies (try-out)

A guide usually talks about facts. But a little lie is allowed, at least as long as he or she tells you it is a lie. This tour plays with the laws of the genre and swaps fact for fiction. Kortrijk myths are told as if they really happened, pub talk is sold as truth, and from time to time a little conspiracy theory is allowed. In short, a walk for believers and non-believers that fits the spirit of the age. Tendon-crunching for those who like the truth, fun for those who don't mind a little lie.


Starting at 18.30h at Belfort