Share bikes and steps

Orange shared bikes from Donkey Republic

Pay as you ride option

Rent for short rides or multiple days

Rent up to 5 bikes per account

How it works

Download the app

Create an account

Unlock the bike through the app

Lock and unlock the bike as often as you like

End the rental by taking the bike to a drop-off location, locking the bike and ending the rental in the app

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Blue BikeBlue shared bikes from Blue Bike

Not a member of Blue Bike yet? An annual subscription costs only €12. After that you can borrow a bicycle very cheaply in many cities and towns. In Kortrijk, a cheaper rate applies; the first 24 hours cost only €1,5.

How it works

Become a member, online through the Blue Bike website

Borrow the bike, with assistance insurance and your personal card at a bike point

Both your bike and card will be scanned; either manually during opening hours or 24/7 at a key machine (main bicycle point in Kortrijk: Minister Tacklaan, rear side of the train station)

Pay afterwards, monthly through direct debit

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Student op stepBIRD Electric share steps

Step it up in the centre of Kortrijk

How it works

Download the app

Find the nearest scooter through the app (you can even reserve your scooter up to half an hour before you leave)

Hop on and go: unlock the scooter in the app (scan the QR code)

Park your step in a safe place where you will not hinder anyone

End the rental by locking the scooter and ending the rental in the app

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