Bike and step rental

Bicycle rental with accommodation

What could be easier than leaving your accommodation and returning home with your bicycle? 

A number of lodgings in Kortrijk offer extra services to increase the comfort of their guests, including bicycle rental. Enquire about this when making your reservation or during your stay.

Mobiel - for renting a children's bike to an electric tandem

At Mobiel there is something for everyone. The range is very varied and consists of: children's bikes, (electric) city bikes, (electric) folding bikes, (electric) tandem bikes or cargo bikes, speed pedelecs, kick bikes, e-steps and even an electric rickshaw. Accessories such as bicycle bags, helmets and child seats can also be reserved. Rentals are possible for half a day (min. 4 hours), full day or multiple days. Delivery to your accommodation is optional.

Practical info and reservation: – – Open: daily except Sundays and holidays

Bike hire at local traders > Fietsen Stijn (Heule, neighbouring town)

At Fietsen Stijn you can rent an electric bicycle, racing bicycle and mountain bike. Ideal for recreational and sportive cyclists.

Practical info and reservation: – – Open: Monday-Wednesday and Friday-Saturday - min. 2 days advance reservation