TEXTURE Tells the story of the flax and linen industry. A story about strong roots, about craftsmanship and entrepreneurship, about daring innovations and constantly re-inventing oneself. In three rooms, in an authentic flax depot (1912) on the banks of the river Lys, you can learn about the revolutionary development created by the flax industry in this region. The past will surprise you, while the stories of the present, will amaze and inspire you. For centuries, Flanders has been famous for its textiles. A new industry sprung up along the banks of the Lys and went on to conquer the world: flax processing. ‘Courtrai flax’ soon became renowned as the best flax obtainable and still is eagerly sought internationally.


Three rooms, three stories

You use flax every day, probably without knowing it and at places you would not expect it. Designers, scientists and entrepreneurs leave no part of it unused. Discover, try, feel and test it all in the The cabinet of Curiosities. The Leie room brings to life the story of flax processing in the Leie region. This story is one of mixed fortunes, of people who without outside assistance repeatedly found the resilience to overcome major crises. It’s a fascinating history with thinkers, darers and doers in the leading role. Beneath the golden crown you will find the Treasure chamber. This is the place to marvel at the beautiful damasks, laces, handwork and fine fabrics.


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Kortrijk 1302

Kortrijk 1302 tells the tale of the most significant battle in the history of Kortrijk, the Battle of the Golden Spurs in 1302, in which an army of Flemish peasants defeated a force of heavily armed French cavalry. A little further, on the Groeningekouter, you will find the Groeninge Monument where you can admire the statue of the Virgin of Flanders. She is trying to restrain the Flemish Lion, which has broken free of its shackles. The Groeninge Gate, from 1908, which bears the inscription “1302 - Groeningheveld”, leads onto ‘t Plein, formerly the training ground of the 17th century military.