A visit to Den Achtkanter

During a varied afternoon programme you become better acquainted with the people, products and operations of Den Achtkanter NPO. This organisation supports adults with intellectual disabilities and people with a non-congenital brain injury. You see people at work in the workshops. Then you retire to De Hond in ‘t Kegelspel traditional games café, you play a few games and in the shop ‘Het Andere Geschenk’ you are served some appetisers, prepared with the products from Den Achtkanter NPO's workshop.

This visit can be conducted in Dutch, French and English.


Duration: 3 hours

Price: EUR 6 per person. Minimum 10, maximum 30 participants.

By appointment from mid January to mid July, and from the beginning of September to the beginning of November

Info and reservations: Hilde.lobbens@achtkanter.be | www.hetanderegeschenk.be | +32 (0)56 21 71 41