Theme walks with guide

Two recognised guide organisations in Kortrijk: Gidsenkring Kortrijk and Gidsenplus. More than 30 different walks vailable for groups or individuals by reservation in advance.Thanks to its two guides associations, Kortrijk has around 45 active guides at its disposal that can take tours in Dutch, French, English and German. The traditional city walk offers an introduction to the city's main sites of interest. The themed walks focus on a specific part of the city.

Here is a selection of the wide range of over 30 walks:


City walk

A city walk introduces you to the main monuments from Kortrijk's history. You visit the historical rooms at the town hall, with their magnificent fireplaces and wall paintings. At the Grote Markt you pause at the belfry, where Manten and Kalle strike the hour. A hundred metres further you enter an oasis of peace and tranquility right in the middle of the city centre: the unique St. Elisabeth Béguinage. You walk through the winding cobbled streets between the little whitewashed houses. In the nearby 13th century Church of Our Lady with its lavish interior, you visit the fascinating Counts' chapel. Your visit ends at the majestic Broel Towers. This walk is available in Dutch, French, English and German.


Golden Spurs walk

The Battle of the Golden Spurs, officially known as the 'Battle of Kortrijk', took place on Wednesday 11 July 1302. It was part of an enduring conflict between the French crown and the Flemish counts, and was a response to the scandalous behaviour of the French occupying army. All the places that hark back to this period are visited and placed in their historical context. It also demonstrates the renewed interest in Flemish history at the end of the 19th century. This walk is available in Dutch and French.


Above and below

We climb St. Martin's tower to the batttlements, which offer an impressive panorama. You can also admire the mighty carillon from close up. The Belfry is not as high but just as magnificent. We also visit the medieval cellar in the city centre. This walk is available in Dutch and French.


Kortrijk as a medieval city

The medieval era spans a period of ten centuries. This walk highlights buildings, places and objects from medieval times. It reveals various aspects of a medieval city: the organisation, justice, trade, the city's defence and social life. There is a remarkable visit to the well preserved cellar dating back to the 12th - 13th century, near the Markt. This walk is available in Dutch and French.


Following in the footsteps of women

Not all women preferred to keep out of the spotlight. Some clearly left their mark on the city or county's policy. Others were strong enough to autonomously run abbeys, hospitals and homes for vagrants with very few resources, even develop béguinages as places of peace and safety and employment, set up foundations and allow them to prosper for people that were not self-sufficient, offer free education during times when child labour was the order of the day... Some women also became famous artists. This is a walk that takes you past places and portraits of these women and their stories. This walk is available in Dutch and French..


Evening walk – 'In the footsteps of the night watch'

This is an introduction to the darker side of Kortrijk. What happened years ago between six in the evening and six in the morning? Quite a lot, naturally, and not just everyday activities. The guide also recounts stories and anecdotes aboout the darker side of city life: practices that could not be conducted in daylight, secret locations, shady characters, people to be avoided and unseemly professions. This walk is available in Dutch and French.


Kortrijk and its canal

150 years after the Bossuit–Kortrijk canal was dug, and following the decline of economic activities along this blue lifeline, there is hope once more. The area around the canal will be transformed into a trendy place to live or work; the neighbourhood is being revived and rejuvenated. This walk is available in Dutch.


Nature in the city

A city walk in search of secret gardens, plant invaders, healers and emigrants, our fellow feathered and invertebrate city dwellers and other useful vermin. We explore the life in the Leie water, and walk in the footsteps of our most famous poet of nature Guido Gezelle, who spent 27 years of his life here. This walk is available in Dutch.


Duration: 2 hours       

Price for the guide: EUR 75 with a maximum of 25 persons per guide.

Information about the themed walks: Gidsenkring Kortrijk | Gidsenplus

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