Visit Brewery Ruimtegist

The city brewery Ruimtegist shares premises with the brew pub deDingen and is a participatory mircobrewery on the Buda Island, founded by two close friends out of love for Belgian craft beers. The craft beers are brewed according to unique recipes without any additives and are completely vegan.

During a visit to the brewery, Arn or Egbert immerse you in their world of passion for their product, the brewing process and are pleased to tell you about the beer history of Buda Island (where the women used to brew with water of the river Lys and the premises where they operate.

The visit concludes with a tasting of 3 beers.

Practical info


Duration: 1 to 1,5 hour

Price: € 8 per person

Participants: 8 to 12 persons

Visite possible: on request

Locatie: Budastraat 12 bus 1

Info and reservation: Brouwerij Ruimtegist,



Content and prices are subject to change.