Groep Ubuntu: captivating and heartwarming

During a varied afternoon programme, you will get to know the people, the products and the operation of Groep Ubuntu. This organisation supports, among others, adults with a mental disability. You can see them at work in the taste and make workshops. Afterwards, you head to the BOkes, where you can enjoy a drink and compete in a number of popular games. In our shop Het Andere Geschenk (The Other Gift) you get to taste some products from our own workshops: chocolate, biscuits, jam, apero, advocaat ...

Practical info

Duration: 3-4 hours

Price: € 8 p.p. (guided tour and a drink at DeBokes), € 12 (guided tour, drink and popular games at DeBokes)

Participants: 10 to 15 persons

Open: by appointment

Language: Dutch (other languages to be verified)

Info and reservation:, +32 (0)56 64 6062


Content and price always subject to change.