Free Wifi

Everyone within the range of a WiFi zone gains free access to full-speed internet for two hours/day. Watching streamed video will, therefore, also be possible. When the two hours are up, they can continue to surf at normal speed, except for Telenet customers, whose speed will remain unchanged.

Users gain access through a portal of the City of Kortrijk, where flash news items will appear. 

WiFi zones will be marked with clear signs and the logo "@llemaal digitaal".

Coverage in the city centre includes the station square, the entire shopping and walking precinct, the Houtmarkt, Veemarkt, Vlasmarkt, the Plein and Buda Beach.

Free WiFi is also offered on the village squares of the seven parishes (Aalbeke, Bellegem, Bissegem, Heule, Marke, Kooigem and Rollegem).