Even more great summer addresses for this summer

Still looking for something else?

In Kortrijk and its suburbs, there are many other nice things that are more than worth making a diversion for.

We will try to pick out the 'speciallekes' for you. And we will gladly guide you to some nice areas where several catering terraces together create a cosy atmosphere.

Terrace zones in the centre of Kortrijk

In Kortrijk centre you can stroll from one little square to the next and discover even more pleasant terrace areas.

You would almost be stressed by the wide choice; or in other words 'just settle down when you feel like it'. In any case, you do not have to look far to find a nice place.


We would like to list the terrace zones for you

More in the daytime: Grote Kring - Grote Markt - Sint-Maartenskerk surrounded by the Jozef Vandaleplein and Sint-Maartenskerkhof, Veemarkt

Night time catering: 't Straatje, Vlasmarkt

During the day and in the evening: Voorstraat and Verlaagde Leieboorden with Kapucijnenstraat and Budastraat next to them

Specialities in the centre of Kortrijk

Bar Jefon the Jozef Vandaleplein is a new acquisition in Kortrijk. For a delicious barista coffee.

Courgette in the Sint-Janswijk is an organic grocery shop with a nice terrace where they offer a daily lunch and drinks.

deDingen is a coffee bar-brewpub with an eye on the artisanal for both food and drinks, with the city brewery Ruimtegist.behind it.

Durfbar in BK6 at the Verlaagde Leieboorden has a magnificent garden in which events are regularly held.

Huyze Begga is located in the idyllic setting of the Kortrijk Beguinage. Enjoy this unique setting with its refined cuisine and afternoon tea room. Terrace in the garden and in the courtyard of the Beguinage.

Jules Bar can be reached via the entrance of the Parkhotel at the station. Tapas, wine, cocktails and top terrace.

Julia's is the coffee spot at the station, also for a healthy breakfast and lunch.

La Bodeguita del Medio puts you in a Cuban mood with its terrace and dance hall.

Pand.A is close to the station and is intertwined with music. On the super cool terrace and inside the restaurant funky records are played and you can even buy a record. The place is also a great place for a drink or a snack, as well as for a meal or a drink and a drink in the bar.

Spicy Lemon stands for a cosy atmosphere, refined Lebanese cuisine and delicious cocktails in a trendy setting with a very special 'fenced' terrace.

Sprezza,, the place for a refined cocktail in a warm and tastefully decorated restaurant and terrace. New York in Kortrijk.

Terrace zones in the boroughs

The catering industry is well represented in all Kortrijk boroughs. During or after a walk or a bike ride, don't you want to take a well-deserved rest? Or do you live in a borough? Then you certainly know the local stops. Go out and discover the many fine addresses, often located on and around the 'platse' and get to know the locals who are only too happy to share their latest knowledge with you.

Also check out the many activities that take place in summer.


The Kortrijk boroughs are Aalbeke, Bellegem, Bissegem, Heule, Kooigem and Rollegem. Each has its own individuality and puts mostly local drinks and a selection of delicious suggestions on the menu.


Heule, for example, is known for its casual atmosphere on the 'platse' where it is good to stay until late at night. In Kooigem, for example, you have Café Sint-Laurentius with its spacious terrace in front of the church, where you can enjoy a sandwich with 'gekapt' (cut-up) as it used to be when the butcher's shop was next door. Bellegem is the village of the brewery 'Omer Vander Ghinste', so you can't miss the fresh pints there. Rollegem, on the other hand, has a fun play area around the church for children in the theme of 'cowboys' with a managed terrace. In Bissegem, next to the church, there is also a trendy summer terrace of 't Koningshof. In Aalbeke, there are many well-known establishments, such as Sint-Cornil, known for its ribs, but also Vanallier, the restaurant run by the Bossuwé family, which runs several chip shops in Kortrijk, and Labberleute, where you can stay on the terrace and at the bar until late.

Speciallekes outside the centre of Kortrijk

Kortrijk is a creative city, and this is also reflected in the numerous catering establishments run by passionate entrepreneurs. There are too many to mention and we have already listed a few that fit into this list. However, we would like to add the following to the list because they are slightly different and also have a great summer terrace.


Bolwerk in an industrial, creative setting with bar and ecological garden. In the summer, they organise numerous events, including Buffet Bolwerk in collaboration with the ecological farm 'De Heerlijkheid van Heule.

Café De Sportwereld in Bellegem is open during the summer and takes you back to the style of cafés of yesteryear.

Café Korba and Café 't Pleintje (with billiards, bird pecking and a jukebox) on the Halenplein, close to the Blauwe Poortpark, provide a nice ambiance.

Eva's Grand Café is a great establishment in the former station building of Bissegem. For delicious salads, pastas, vol-au-vent and of course matching drinks.

Surprisingly delicious and affordable lunch in the centre of Marke, that is Kostba(a)r.

The local barn is a surprise in rural Bellegem. In the farmshop you can buy home made delicacies and local products to take along on your picnic or to eat on the spot inside or on the pleasant terrace. Try the delicious cakes and goat's milk ice cream.

And we can go on like this ...