Typical Kortrijk

Kortrijkse Bil


Contrary to what you might think, this dish is not prepared using chicken legs but veal. It is smoked and packed in tea. The veal is served with a sauce made with stock, shallots, wine and pink peppercorns and the dish is usually accompanied by salsify and croquettes.

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The recipe was created by several Kortrijk patissiers in 1977. The fixed ingredients are shortcrust pastry, almond paste, apricots, apples, Calvados and flaked almonds. The tart stays fresh for four days.

The tart's name refers to Kalle, Manten's female better half. Manten and Kalle are the bell-ringers in Kortrijk's belfry.

More info: Bakkerij HoornaertPatisserie Courcelles, Ridder & Hove

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Kortrijks Beschuit

  • The recipe uses milk bread or 'koekenbrood' (a sweet bread), without raisins or sugar. After it has been cut into slices, both sides are covered with finely crushed sugar candy and baked in a traditional way. The traditional method of preparing this biscuit is highly labour intensive. Watch the short film with chef Piet Huysentruyt about making Kortrijkse Beschuit.

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    Tip: Delicious topped with a tasty piece of cheese as an accompaniment to an aperitif.

Kortrijkse Peperbollen

In the 19th century, Kortrijkse Peperbollen, cube-shaped pieces of gingerbread, were widely available on Whit Monday. The 'Peperbollenommegang' pageant resulted in a city centre crammed with cake stalls selling nothing but 'peperbollen'. This version of gingerbread was not round but dice-shaped. There were even 'peperbollen' for the rich and 'peperbollen' for the poor. Those destined for the rich contained candied orange, the poor had to be content with raisins. Between 1977 and 2001 this tradition was revived and peperbollen were thrown during the annual Whitsun celebrations at the Grote Markt.

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Vanderfven Jam

The original recipes for Vandererfven's traditionally prepared jams and marmalades were created over a century ago. Since then they have been carefully preserved like priceless treasures. The secrets of these flavoursome jams are: fruit that is selected from all over the world for its exceptional flavour, not too much sugar, no colourings or preservatives, slow preparation in an uncovered pan... and the loving hand of the master jam-maker. 

This jam is traditionally prepared with 55 grams of fruit per 100 grams of jam. The flavour is obtained by using 55 percent superior quality fruit and the finest granulated sugars. Natural apple pectin is added if required. The storage process is carried out using a natural method by pasteurisation. Jam with no added sugar is ideal for diabetics or people that want to reduce their sugar consumption. 

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