City games

Everyone global 

Each team has one GPS device and adopts the role of a world citizen. The teams compete with each other by means of questions and tasks at different locations in the city.

In a tangle of streets you will discover the city in a different way.

A unique city game that is played on brand-new tablets. Highly recommended as team building activity, for a stag or hen party, with your association or simply with a group of friends.

The GPS city game takes you through Kortrijk city centre. The place of departure will be revealed upon confirmation of your booking. This is where you will receive the tablets and a full briefing about the game. We expect each team to have a camera at hand. The camera on your mobile phone will do just fine.

The game lasts maximum 3 hours, including briefing and debriefing.

Min 8. - Max. 30 participants

€ 50 for the whole group


Everyone global




Cube One

Beeld je in : Je wordt samen met jouw team opgesloten in een kamercomplex, en je krijgt 60 minuten om de sleutel van de deur te vinden. Uitgaande van je eigen kracht, denkwerk en teamwork is dit een inspanning vol plezier en opwinding. Of met andere woorden een real life computergame!

Prijs: op aanvraag Info: Cube One | Stationstraat 4 | +32(0)56 96 77 77 |