The Banks of the Leie

In order to make the Leie navigable for larger ships, it was necessary to straighten and widen it in the centre of the city.  The extensive works have given Kortrijk a facelift and the city now boasts a widened Leie, seven new bridges and riverbanks with spacious paths, delightful parks and a renewed relationship with the water.

The Leie banks are the place to be! An outstanding strip of greenery where young and old gather to enjoy the setting in peace and quiet, and that in the middle of the city, no less! Around the King Albert Park, the famous Skatebowl was erected, the quays were upgraded and Kortrijk now boasts its own city beach with Buda Beach.

A new Leie needs new bridges. Seven impressive examples redraw the Kortrijk skyline and afford it a distinctive, imposing appearance. No boring or identical copies, but seven distinctive bridges that will help both visitors and locals orientate themselves. Sometimes majestic big city structures, at other times bold zigzags. They are all suspended seven meters above the surface of the water. The Ronde van Vlaanderenbridge, the Dambridge, the Groeningebridge, the Collegebridge, the Noordbridge, the Budabridge and the Reepbrug have now been completed.

In the same way, near the Broel Towers, the quays of the Old Leie arm are being lowered to half a metre above the water in the next few years. The banks will bring you very near the water’s edge, so much so that, sitting on one of the lovely terraces, you will almost be able to dip your toes into the water.